Surveillance Toys

Sometimes having a second pair of eyes on a situation is a good thing. Whether it's for keeping tabs on who's using your stuff in the dorm, which of your siblings is snooping around in your room, or even more seriously, whether your child or elderly charge is being taken care of properly, personal surveillance equipment is more popular than ever.

Step Away from the Crib with a Baby Monitor

When you're raising a child, you have the choice of listening for your kid’s voice with your ears, or getting assistance from an electronic baby monitor. If you opt to use a baby monitor, there are more choices to be made. You must choose between an audio-only system, or an audio-and-video monitoring system.

The Kensington Proximo System Makes Your Valuables Unforgettable

“Every 3.5 seconds, a mobile phone is lost or stolen.” So states the website of Kensington, an industry leader when it comes to electronic-device security. They are responsible for the Kensington Lock Slot, as well as a wide range of security lock cables for a variety of electronics, from laptops and tablets to projectors and copy machines.

Mobile Device and PC-Friendly Surveillance Systems from Axis Communications

The idea of having a computer network in your home or small business used to seem futuristic and prohibitively complex, but today they’re as common as toasters and cash registers.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Parents

Coming up with gift ideas for a kid isn’t terribly taxing. However, shopping for their parents often proves to be a little more difficult. When pressed, mom or dad may divulge that they could use a new ice cream scoop or some wool socks, but in you can’t imagine their face lighting up when they unwrap such conventional gifts. You know you can do better.

Holiday 2012: Surveillance Toys

You can’t go anywhere these days without your every movement being caught on a surveillance video. Gas stations, department stores, banks—everyone has their electronic eye on you at some point. While most of the surveillance out there is greatly beneficial to law enforcement, some surveillance video is of a more personal nature.

SilverCloud GPS Tracking from Land Air Sea

Attention private investigators, fleet owners and others who want to know the location of vehicles: The Land Air Sea SilverCloud Real Time GPS Tracker, featuring the SilverCloud Online Web browser application, enables real-time GPS tracking to be shared with everyone.

Identify Critters and Vandals with Wildlife Cameras

Homeowners are often frustrated by damage or vandalism that occurs on their property. Short of staying up all night to see who or what is causing the damage, what can one do? Wildlife cameras are digital cameras that can shoot still images and video.

PTZ Cams: Not Just for Surveillance

You’ve seen them, but maybe you’re not quite sure what they are. Often encased in domes, PTZ or Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, are cameras that can be panned, tilted and zoomed remotely. You’ll see them mounted on the ceilings of department stores and other locations where someone wants to keep an eye on things. But they can be used for a lot more than simple surveillance.


Video Sunglasses Allow Hands-Free Shooting

It’s difficult to hold a camcorder while, say, climbing up a sheer face in Yosemite. But there are many camcorders on the market that allow hands-free operation.

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