Meet B&H: The Tripod Rows

The tripod has been an essential piece of gear in the photographer's kit for years. Over the years, different types of tripods (and accessories) have emerged to accommodate the needs of media professionals. Fortunately, we feature almost every type of tripod, for every type of media professional. You name it: big, small, bendy, sturdy, photo, video—we've got it. Not only do we have them on display for you to try, but our professional staff is on hand to assist you, and answer any questions you may have.

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Copying Artwork Made Easy

As artists, we can appreciate the value in having our creations reproduced with precise accuracy. So there’s no difference when it comes to artists of other mediums such as paintings, sketches and sculptures. At the Charleston Center for Photography, we have plenty of artists from all over who entrust us to digitally capture their work.

Puppy Portraits

 Create a fun portrait of your four-legged family member in just a few quick and easy steps.

Table-top Tripod Tales

For the last two weeks of December and most of January, I was on the road for work, fun and family reasons. I learned a few new things—and reconfirmed a few old ones—while I worked in different parts of India and Vietnam, and spent some time in Singapore. Always the teacher, I was watching my own photographing process to see if there were any lessons worth sharing. One thing struck me as a potentially interesting lesson for any serious photographer.

Triad V Adapter Plates

Choice is a good thing.  We love the ability to choose what we have for dinner or what cell-phone plan to purchase and, if you work with pro video, what gear and accessories to buy for your camera. So it’s exciting that B&H is now carrying Triad’s line of professional mounts, plates, sunshades and monopods for ENG, HDV and DSLR cameras.  

Use a Tripod to Boost Image Quality, Composition and Creativity

At, I've seen many photographers improve the overall quality of their work, thanks to the regular use of this valuable accessory: the tripod.

When I started using a tripod consistently for stationary subjects, two awesome things happened: 1)  using a tripod regularly soon became a habit; and better still, 2) my photography improved immediately.

Getting to Know Sachtler Tripods

Cameraman Wendelin Sachtler developed a tripod with a gyroscopic head, in a garage in
in the late 1950s. Sachtler’s creativity, combined with a good business sense, helped create a brand name that has been highly respected by industry professionals for more than 50 years. In fact, it's the 50 years of customer feedback that has enabled Sachtler to fine-tune its products to the point of near-perfection.


5 Hiking Tips for Photographers

Photography and hiking have gone together for years and years. Whether you’re planning a day hike with friends or a 7-day solo trek, here are 5 tips to carry you through your journey. May your photos be second only to your adventures!

The Video Tripod: What to Know Before You Buy

 Whether you’re an indie filmmaker, field reporter, or wedding videographer, a pro-grade video tripod will enhance your productions more than any other type of support accessory. By adding stability, forcing perspective through composition, and providing smooth pan and tilt movement, a good tripod + head can be just as integral to your production as the camera. So how do you choose the combination that’s right for you? Read on.

The Tallest, Strongest Tripod for Under $100

The industry's tallest, strongest tripods are usually made of carbon fiber, assembled in Europe, and cost tons of money. Buyers are typically well-funded professionals or hobbyists with a lot of disposable income. While a pro set of $900+ sticks might not be in the cards for everyone, serious photographers and video makers would do well to consider the budget-friendly Slik Pro 700DX.

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