Beneath the Surface: the Intova IC16, Sport Pro, and Sport 10K Cameras with Waterproof Housings

Underwater photography or videography lets you explore and capture parts of the world that are rarely seen. Just as it presents unique challenges, such as correcting for blue color cast, distortion, and minimized field of view, it also offers unique rewards: brilliant images of life and scenery that most photographers don't have in their portfolios.

Basic Underwater Video Housings

In the following video, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, discusses three underwater camera housings and her experiences using them to shoot photos and movies beneath the surface. The video covers the Ikelite housing for the Sony RX-100, the Nikon WP-N1 housing for the Nikon 1 J1 or J2 with 10-30mm VR lens, and the  EWA-Marine U-A Underwater Housing for virtually any autofocusing DSLR camera.

How to Create Awe-Inspiring Underwater Photos

More and more people want to bring their cameras into the water. Some just want snapshots in the family pool, while others want to document the underwater world for magazines, books and the Internet. Join underwater photographers Larry Cohen and Mike Rothschild as they talk about using cameras underwater.

Introduction to Underwater Photography and Videography

In this Event Space presentation, underwater photographer Larry Cohen talks about the use of cameras when used underwater. He reviews simple Point and Shoot systems as well as very sophisticated systems for DSLR cameras. Larry even touches upon shooting video underwater.

Aquatic Cameras for the Rest of Us

We're waist-deep in summer, and that means we’re neck-deep in the water with friends and family. What better way to capture your aquatic summer adventures than with an underwater camera? Each of the major players in the photo industry has fine underwater offerings that make getting memorable shots under the sea, or just within reach of the waves, a cinch.

New Sony HDR-GW77V Handycam Loves Adventure

Summer’s just about here, and you’ll soon be ramping up your travel and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a camcorder or still camera that’s easy to travel with, and one that doesn’t mind going wherever you do, consider Sony’s new HDR-GW77V Handycam.

Liquid Image Video Goggles Are Ready When You Are

Anyone looking for a camera that can keep up with skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking or diving should check out the Liquid Image goggles with integrated 1080p HD video camera. 

New Pentax Optio WG-2 Rugged Digital Camera

With their distinctive bowtie-like body styling, the newly-announced Pentax Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS bear an uncanny resemblance to their rugged Optio ancestors. Although the new cameras—13th-generation models according to the Pentax press release—strongly resemble their forebears, they contain enough internal and external improvements to warrant the title "new."

The Japanese Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon

People go scuba diving for many reasons. Some divers are interested in the natural beauty of coral reefs, and the animals that call this environment home. Wreck divers are interested in man-made objects that have ended up underwater by disaster. Ships and airplanes sink because of bad maintenance, fire, weather, collisions and war. Once sunk, the wreck becomes a time capsule. When diving to explore wrecks, the experience is enhanced if you know its history. When swimming through one of these underwater museums, one can't help but imagine what happened during the sinking. If your objective is to create images, knowing the wrecks history will help.

Underwater Flash

There are many accessories that are helpful or necessary for taking photos underwater. Buying an underwater housing is just the beginning. An external flash is your most important accessory. 


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