USB Microphones

USB Microphones: Versatile and Easy to use

Today’s technology user constantly demands smaller and more portable devices. Customers want all-in-one, plug-and-play solutions that are versatile and easy to use. The world of audio recording has certainly followed suit, hence the growing popularity of USB microphones.

Audio Technica AT2020USB+ Condenser Microphone with USB Connection

If you're shopping for a handy and dependable USB condenser microphone, take a look and a listen to Audio Technica's AT2020USB+ microphone. An excellent sounding and inexpensive condenser mic, the AT2020USB+ features a USB output for direct connection to your Mac or PC and a headphone jack for latency-free monitoring, making it an excellent choice for podcasting, vocals and instrument recording.

Hands-On Review: Blue Yeti Pro

Featuring audio resolution rates up to 24bit/192kHz and both USB and XLR outputs, the Yeti Pro Microphone is versatile and sounds great.

Hands-On Review of the Apogee MiC

The MiC from Apogee clearly demonstrates that advances in technology can deliver exceptional quality at ever lower price points. But that’s not the main feature of this condenser microphone. 

The New Blue Spark Digital: USB and iPad Mic

Blue is a maker of fine microphones, well known for their excellent sound quality and unique industrial design. In 2011, Blue released an affordable studio microphone with a standard, analog XLR output called the Blue Spark.

New from Blue: The Compact Tiki USB Microphone

Blue has a reputation for making quality microphones with visually striking designs, and the freshly announced Tiki USB Microphone is no exception. The Tiki is less than 3" long, and it connects directly to the USB port of your Mac or PC.

Blue Yeti Pro

Another outstanding product from Blue, featuring audio-resolution rates up to 24bit/192kHz and the flexibility of both USB and XLR outputs, the Yeti Pro Microphone is versatile and delivers great, natural sound.

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