Just Add Water

A few weeks back, I was exploring a rock formation near the Little Colorado River. I found a number of petroglyphs. It occurred to me that almost all the petroglyphs and ruins I've encountered in the Southwest were near rivers or streams. The ancient desert people had compelling practical reasons for living near water. I suspect, though, that they also enjoyed simply looking at it.

I love to include water in my photographs. Judging by what I see on photography forums, I'm not alone. Water can significantly improve a photographic composition.  It's worth considering why.

Keeping your Camera High and Dry

From the beginning of time the human race has used the world’s lakes, rivers, and oceans for gathering food, transporting goods, for sports and recreation. Modern human beings have a need to document activities, usually by taking photographs. We want photos for record keeping, showing people where we have been, what we explored, and who we, our family, and friends are. And for creative art and fun. 

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