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The Moultrie Panoramic 150: Game-Changing Trail Camera

Until now, trail and wildlife cameras have been somewhat limited in their field of view. Meet the Moultrie Panoramic 150, a camera featuring 3 PIR motion sensors that together cover an extremely wide 150-degree angle of view, revolutionizing trail photography.

It All Started with a 400mm

I wanted to be a wildlife photographer in the worst way! Having been very fortunate to spend most of my youth in the great outdoors, watching such programs as Mutual of Omaha's 'Wild Kingdom' on TV, and being influenced by my older sister (who is an amazing artist), it just seemed that it was where I should be. But I was not even 20, with the limited funds and limited gear that comes with that age. My longest lens was a 200mm, and while I accomplished enough to get the “nice photo, you should become a photographer” comment from friends, it wasn’t good enough. More importantly, my photography wasn’t growing, and the fun was becoming frustration. The commitment had to be made—in for a penny, in for a pound!

Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post from Moose Peterson

Digiscoping with Swarovski, Part 2

In this follow-up to "Digiscoping with Swarovski, Part 1", Larry Becker of Kelby Media goes beyond the specifics of using the Swarovski ATX series of scopes and gives some general tips and tricks for successful digiscoping with both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras.

Digiscoping with Swarovski, Part 1

In this first installment of our two-part series on digiscoping with Swarovski scopes, Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, explains how DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras can be used with Swarovski spotting scopes to capture images that would otherwise require extremely long telephoto lenses.

The Secret to Photographing Hummingbirds

Birds have captivated wildlife photographers from the beginning of photography, but no group of birds are more intriguing than hummingbirds. It's not difficult at all to photograph them when you see them in the garden hovering above a flower, but unless you do it right your efforts will only result in mediocre pictures.

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