XLR Adapters

Hands-On Review: the Senal XU-1648 XLR-to-USB Adapter

We use acronyms and generic product names daily, yet their origins have often faded into obscurity and we forget that a particular feature may actually live up to its name. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a case in point. How many of us are aware when we use the format of its universality?

Holiday 2012: HDSLR Innovations

As 2012 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to take a look back at a year which saw many innovations in the world of HDSLR video. One of the most prominent trends of 2012 has been the continuing blending of still and video acquisition technologies into the same tools.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Tips & Solutions: Improve the Sound of Your Camcorder

This video shows you how to upgrade your consumer camcorder sound capabilities using a simple device that mounts to the bottom of your camera.

Hands-on Review: Beachtek DXA-SLR Active Audio Adapter

With XLR inputs, solid mic preamps, and optional AGC disabling, the DXA-SLR allows you to use quality microphones with your DSLR camera.

JuicedLink Riggy Micro and Riggy Assist Audio Preamps

The latest trend towards capturing video using HDSLR cameras produces unquestionably good images. The same cannot be said of the camera’s audio capture capabilities, although with the latest offerings from Canon and Nikon, that situation is improving. JuicedLink has long provided a range of solutions for improving audio issues in-camera, and this eight minute video looks at two new offerings.

The New Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO: Audio Solutions Built for HDSLR Video

One way to improve the quality of your in-camera audio when shooting video with an HDSLR camera is to utilize an external adapter box (called a Camcorder XLR Adapter). These gizmos attach to the base of your camera and enable you to connect multiple XLR microphones to your camera’s lowly mini-plug mic input. 

Camcorder XLR Adapters

A Camcorder XLR Adapter is a small, lightweight box that enables you to properly attach two professional microphones and other audio signals to a camera with only one 3.5mm mini-plug mic input.

A New juicedLink Box with Extra Juice!

The juicedLink DT454 in actionThe quiet little world of camera XLR adapters has been ablaze with activity lately. Here's a brief recap: the juicedLink DN101 came out and proved to be a great accessory for DSLR video shooters who own a CX series juicedLink XLR adapter. The latest news is great for people who need to plug professional microphones into their video-enabled DSLR cameras, but don't own an XLR adapter yet. JuicedLink has released the DT454, which gives you all of the functionality of a CX series box, with a DN101 built-in.

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