Unveiled: Camera-Mountable Dual VHF Wireless and Smartphone Lav from Azden

Azden, a name well established in the field of portable wireless microphone systems, has announced two new products aimed squarely at event videographers and ENG users whose audio requirements have outgrown the built-in microphones found on video cameras and smartphones.


Wireless Audio Recording Systems

Whether you are a student, independent filmmaker, production company, or video journalist, wireless miking is an invaluable technique, and in many cases, one that you simply cannot do without. While shotgun mics will always have an important place in audio for film, the ability to close-mic a subject can allow for clearer dialog capture.

The Fundamentals of Wedding Videography for Beginners

There is a first time for everything, and if you have your mind set on producing a wedding video, you will encounter plenty of “firsts” within that initial wedding weekend. There is a first kiss, a first dance and a first slice of cake. Where will you have your cameras set up for each of these memorable moments? Will you need lights for every shot?  How will you manage the audio?

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