Save Storage Space with Camera Wraps and Inserts

Photographers packing for an upcoming trip can save valuable storage space by forgoing camera bags, packs, and cases in favor of less bulky wraps and inserts. For example, a traveler could pack some photo gear with protective wraps into an everyday bag or backpack that is also loaded with personal items. Or, inside a piece of checked luggage could be a camera insert packed with photo or general-purpose items.

Luxury that Lasts: Camera Bags, Straps, and Fashions for Photographers

When you’re looking for products to support and enhance your photography, there are a few schools of thought. Some people prefer to spend the minimum to get the practical needs covered, others want reliable functionality and will spend a little extra to get it, and then there are those who prefer only the top of the line, and price is either not a concern or worth the sacrifice. Of course, items like camera bags, backpacks, straps, and vests need to be utilitarian and durable, but who says they can’t be beautiful, as well?

Every Photographer Should Aspire to Own at Least One Billingham Bag!

11 Environmentally Friendly, Green Gear Choices

The “Green Movement” has influenced manufacturers in the photographic community for quite some time. Lead and arsenic, a pair of heavy metals that contribute to the “character” and performance of optical glass, have been collectively called industrial poisons for decades. Beginning in the late 1990s, lead and arsenic were slowly phased out of formulas for lens elements and replaced by environmentally friendlier formulas that maintain the “look and feel” of the formulas they replaced.

A House for Your Mirrorless System

Th holiday season is fast approaching, so now is the time to start shopping for your friends and family, (or dropping hints to them about gifts you want to receive). If you or someone you know has a compact mirrorless camera like the popular Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, or Fujifilm X-Series cameras, why not get a camera bag to go with it? Here are a few bags that not only look great, but also offer protection and function.


A Guide to Stylish Camera Bags

While specific bags are a matter of taste, you don't have to sacrifice style for solid protection of your camera gear. If you are looking for a fashionable camera bag as a gift for yourself or your favorite photographer, here are some camera bags that allow for practical protection of expensive gear and don't detract from your expression of personality.

Protecting Your Photo Gear When Traveling

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or a serious enthusiast, chances are you value the investment you’ve made in your photo gear and you try to keep it in tip-top shape, cosmetically and otherwise. Keeping your gear safe and protected when traveling can be particularly challenging, especially when your travels take you to places that involve trains, planes or automobiles, unpaved roads, steep climbs, sand, rain, humidity and other forms of wet and wild stuff.

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