New G-Technology G-DRIVE Thunderbolt™ 3 External Hard Drives

If you’re in the market for large-capacity Thunderbolt™ 3 storage that can handle intensive applications such as audio/video editing, digital photography, and more, consider the G-Technology G-DRIVE Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive.

RAID Arrays for Photography and Pro Video

If you’re working with large media files, you’re probably going to need more storage than a single drive can provide. While you could just haphazardly put a bunch of drives together, a RAID array is a better alternative because it uses multiple drives together to increase speed, protect your data, or both. You can configure your own RAID array by using software, but an array with a hardware RAID controller will provide better performance. Try to stick to hard drives with the same size, speed, and even model for your RAID array, for optimal performance.

Choosing the Right Format for Your External Hard Drive

Ever run out of storage space and start wondering if it would be possible to take a crowbar to your new unibody MacBook Pro to pry it open and put another hard drive in? Neither do I. However, it is frustrating that you have to sacrifice storage space because you spent the extra money to get a solid-state drive instead of the cheaper hard disk drive. So you figured, “Fine, I’ll just get an external hard drive.

Choosing the Right Rugged Storage Drive for Active Lifestyles

External storage drives come in many forms. From SSDs and HDDs, you can have ample storage space or lightning–fast access to files. For compatibility with your systems, B&H carries portable drives that sport a variety of interfaces, such as FireWire, USB, or Thunderbolt. Of the two drive types, hard drives are more susceptible to failures since they retrieve data with a spinning platter–and–head design. Excess vibrations or drops can cause irreparable data loss, when the read-and-write head makes contact with the platter and scratches the magnetic data-storage surface.

Back to School:17 Needs and 18 Wants for Film School

Whether you are starting a four-year undergraduate program, a two-year graduate school, or a single film-production class, you probably know or will soon realize that studying film production is different from other fields of study.

Being in a film production class is like being in a trade school; you develop tangible skills and learn best work practices that are just as valuable as the classroom theories. Film school is not just an intellectual challenge—you are making films, and to make films, you need equipment, tools, and supplies.

G-Technology Storage for Media and Entertainment Professionals

Guide to Portable Hard Drives for the Travel Photographer

This summer, as you kick your feet up and sip from an ice-cold drink, the last thing you want to worry about is storage. It can drive many people crazy to rely on a semi-mysterious device to keep all of the precious memories and photographs of their most recent excursion safe, especially as they go about their travels. Hopefully, this portable hard drive guide can demystify the selection process and help you truly relax during your well-earned vacation.

Store more with G-Technology 8 and 10TB USB 3.0 G-DRIVEs

Fast, Reliable Solutions: G-Technology RED Mini Mag and G-SPEED Shuttle 24TB

Ever on the side of video professionals, G-Technology offers fast and reliable solutions for high-data-rate workflows. In a recent collaboration with RED Digital Cinema, G-Technology offers the ev|Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition.

Best of 2016: Innovative Video Gear

When you’re in the mood for gift-giving, or simply have an obligation, what better way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries than to have a look at a some of the innovative video products that have become available this year?


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