Grace Design

The 500 Series: Guide to Compressors

Read this guide to audio compressors, on B&H Explora.

NAMM 2015: Meet Felix, the 2-Channel Instrument Preamplifier and Blender

Grace Design, the world-renowned manufacturer of microphone preamplifiers and monitor controllers, will be showing an exciting new product in Anaheim this week, in the form of Felix, a two-channel instrument preamplifier and blender for acoustic instruments such as guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, cello, banjo, and more. 


Recording with the Mid-Side Microphone Configuration

When most people record audio in stereo, they usually go to the most common mic configurations, such as a matched pair of microphones arranged in an X/Y pattern, or possibly those same matched mics in an ORTF pattern for a wider stereo field. 

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