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Things We Love: An Ode to Fitness Tech

As B&H’s resident Guy Who Works Out a Lot to Compensate for His Glaring Personality Defects, fitness is a big part of my everyday life. Whether it’s lifting weights at the gym, running in the park, or just playing basketball after work—few days go by that don’t involve some kind of physical activity. And because exercise is such a crucial part of my daily routine, there are a handful of fitness gadgets that I simply could not live (or lift) without. In the spirit of this week's holiday, I’d like to present those items to you now and sing some of their many praises.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Co-workers, Colleagues and Customers

It’s nice to take opportunities like holiday parties and corporate gatherings to say thank you to your co-workers, colleagues, employees and clients. If you’re on a gift list of some kind, or if you’re looking for a present that says "thank you" while still keeping things professional, then you’ve come to the right place.


Holiday 2012: 40 Under 40

These days holiday cheer is synonymous with holiday gifts. One usually leads to the other. Unfortunately, shopping for everyone on your list can turn holiday cheer into a holiday nightmare. That’s why we came up with this gift guide that features 40 B&H photo, audio and entertainment products that cost less than $40. It’s one-stop shopping for everyone on your list.

Photographers and the iPad

iPod Accessories

Ever wish you could get a little more functionality out of your iPod? Worried about protecting it from scratches? There are hundreds of accessories available for iPod music players. If you acquired an iPod this year, or if you’re simply looking to enhance your tried-and-true MP3 player, consider one of the following.

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