Harmon Kardon

5 Tech Add-Ons for Your Big Game Watch Party

Whether you're watching the Big Game with friends, family, or all by yourself, there are a couple of key essentials for having a good time: a comfortable setting, solid TV setup, and plenty of quality snacks. But if you're looking to make your watch party truly memorable, you might need to call an audible or two to go beyond merely the status quo. To help you out, we've compiled a list of tech add-ons that are sure to boost your gathering from simple to super.

Holiday 2012: Gifts and Gadgets for Your Mac Computer or MacBook

Many students, artists and creative professionals have a strong taste for everything Apple. The Mac computer brand is more a lifestyle than a mere product. People use Mac computers because they are configured to perform in a manner that enhances creativity.


Get More Familiar with A/V Receivers

You work hard all week long, and after a long day on the job it sometimes feels best to plop yourself down on the sofa and fire up the home entertainment system.

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