Run Windows on macOS Sierra with Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 9.0 for Mac

Parallels Desktop has become the standard bearer for running multiple platforms on your Mac desktop or notebook computer. If you need to run both Windows apps and Mac apps, but don’t want two separate computers, Parallels may be the software solution you’re looking for. With new models and features, this is the most integrated Parallels software available yet.

The New Parallels 9 for Mac is the Best of Both Worlds

Parallels Desktop 9 continues in the tradition of previous versions by bridging the gap between Mac and PC environments. Running Windows on your Mac can be as simple as purchasing the Parallels desktop software along with a separate purchase of the full-version Windows OS of your choice, including Windows 8.

Parallels Desktop 8: Free with Purchase

Now Mac users and PC users can share their operating system experiences with Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. This virtualization software lets you enjoy the latest Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without rebooting your computer.

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