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An Introduction to Tethered Shooting

At its most basic, tethered shooting involves connecting your camera to your computer as you shoot. You’ve likely seen it in some behind-the-scenes video for a professional studio shoot, or you just have a friend who swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Tethering is a shooting technique that can benefit many a photographer’s workflow significantly, though upon first hearing of it, the idea of tethering can be something that first requires a bit of education. Hopefully, this introduction will help get you started.

Stay Connected with the Tether Tools TetherBoost Core Controller


Tether Tools Solutions for Photographers

Tether Tools is a line of cleverly designed products and accessories that provide tethering and workstation solutions for photographers in the studio or on location. It all started with the Aero Standard Tether Table. Fabricated from T6 Aerospace aluminum, the 18 x 16" table allows you to mount your laptop on any 5/8" light stand or on tripods and accessories with 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 female mounts.

Holiday 2012: Accessories for Your iPhone Camera

With each new iPhone release, Apple continues to improve on its camera - they always take their camera/phone integration seriously. The standardized size of the phone has opened up a great market for camera accessories, and when you consider the iPhone’s popularity and the innovative features on both the front and rear cameras, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of manufacturers producing all types of iPhone camera accessories.


Holiday 2012: Gadgets for Vehicles

It would be best if people willingly turned off and put away their personal electronic devices when they got into a car, but most folks routinely ride in vehicles with their handheld gadgets in hand, hurriedly multitasking as they barrel down the highway. Thankfully, there are numerous accessories available at B&H that succeed in getting these devices out of people’s hands.

Holiday 2012: Tethered Shooting

Before talking about a number of tools, tables and accessories that will improve your tethered photography, let’s just be clear about what we mean by tethered photography. Of course, like so many things, it’s not as complicated as it might seem.

Workplace Efficiency Starts with Tether Tools

Support isn’t just about getting a technician on the phone. It’s also about trusting your camera, computer and critical accessories to the most reliable tabletops and attachments available—modules that can be extended as your needs grow. 

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