Ultrasone Performance Series Headphones: Wide Frequency Range and Comfort

Ultrasone Performance series headphones offer comfort and a wide dynamic range. Read about them at BandH.com.


Holiday 2012: Headphones for Audiophiles

What is an audiophile? I’ll answer for myself and hope you agree: an audiophile is a music appreciater who demands and actively seeks out the most accurate listening experience available.

Ultrasone Headphones for Audiophiles

It’s not about luxury when you order the reissue of a Led Zepplin record in 180g vinyl. It’s about not sacrificing anything to hear every nuance that was recorded in the best fidelity possible. There are listeners who can’t discern that those little white plastic ear buds you jam into your ears give you only a portion of the recording you’re listening to—while destroying your hearing.

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