Waldorf Announces Quantum 8-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer

Waldorf has debuted a working prototype of its new flagship Quantum 8-Voice Analog/Digital Hybrid Synthesizer. The instrument features three oscillators per voice, with each oscillator offering four flavors of synthesis, including wavetable, analog-style waveforms, particle (sampling granular synthesis), and resonator, which is comprised of a resonating filter bank.

Waldorf: kb37 Eurorack Keyboard Controller

Originally founded in 1988, Waldorf has been synonymous with cutting-edge synthesizers for nearly 30 years. With its lineage in hardware and software synthesizers, it came as a pleasant surprise to see Waldorf embrace the Eurorack modular format by creating four Eurorack modules and the kb37 Eurorack controller keyboard.

Hands-On Review: Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer

The Rocket is German company Waldorf's recent entry in the  desktop synthesizer market. While ultra-portable and relatively inexpensive, the Rocket delivers some powerful sounds; aided by a terrific-sounding analog filter and a booster circuit for added warmth and distortion.

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