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5 Required Steps for an Excellent Wedding Photo, with Jerry Ghionis

An interview with renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, with tips and advice.

Wedding Event of the Season: Joe Buissink

Listen as wedding photographer Joe Buissink denotes the difference between selling your work and selling yourself. Buissink contends that if you are passionate about photography, a piece of you is embedded in every image you make. The images sell themselves—it’s your job to sell yourself to potential clients. You see the world in a particular way that is different from the way anyone else sees the world. This is what makes you—and your work—unique.

Wedding Event of the Season: Moshe Zusman

Join renowned wedding photographer Moshe Zusman as he tells the Event Space audience about his personal and professional evolution as a self-taught photographer whose background was originally in advertising and marketing. Listen as Zusman discusses how he launched his business by advancing his techniques of lighting and posing. To illustrate, Zusman kicks off his talk with a slide show of his eye-catching photographs.

Wedding Photography Tips: Gear Bag with Moshe Zusman

In this B&H video, renowned wedding and portrait photographer Moshe Zusman displays the contents of his camera bag and explains the importance of all his gear. His philosophy: “quality, not quantity.” Zusman shows off his camera—and stresses the importance of carrying a backup camera—and reviews his favorite lenses and why they work well for his style of capturing a wedding. In addition to these basics, Zusman talks about speed light flashes, wireless triggers, speed light clamps, memory cards, and battery power.

Wedding Photography Tips: Engagement Sessions with Ryan Brenizer

Successful wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer shares his strategies and tips for making unique and dynamic engagement portraits for his wedding clients. Brenizer, whose approach to wedding photography is to show up for work with a fresh approach and a unique style, emphasizes the engagement portrait session as an important step in building trust with his clients, as well as coaching them to feel comfortable in front of the camera—a position in which most people are not immediately at ease.

Ryan Brenizer's Wedding Photography Style Tips

Join Ryan Brenizer as he recommends ways to build your personal style to expand your business. His key concepts are personal and different. Brenizer suggests that you be the best you can be. How can you achieve this? Make pictures that are different from the work of other photographers, pictures that speak to particular clients, that compel your clients to want to hire you not because your photos are the same as others and you’re cheaper, but because they are unique. Create a brand—your inspiration will evolve into your own style.

Wedding Photography Workflow

Join Vanessa Joy as she teaches the ins and outs of her wedding photography business. Everything from customer relations and product delivery to developing a studio system and getting your albums and products out on time to your clients will be covered in this jam-packed seminar.


Nikon Lenses

The lens market is a broad one, and building a collection for wedding work is not always easy. After factoring-in your shooting style with opinions from professional colleagues and resources, it becomes clearer as to what kind of quality, long-lasting glass you’ll want in your kit.

B&H Wedding Guide: Lexar Memory Cards and Readers

Lexar continues to offer impressive high-performance memory cards and related products destined for the kit bags of professional wedding photographers and videographers whose prime directive is to capture the fleeting moments of a couple's most memorable day.


B&H Wedding Guide: Tamron Lenses

When photographing a wedding, a variety of lens focal lengths is essential to "get the shot" from different vantage points and in different scales and compositions. Zoom lenses make this task a bit easier, due to their coverage of numerous focal lengths in a single lens barrel. A macro lens can also serve as an ideal prime portrait lens. Tamron’s recent additions to their lens lineup meet these needs.

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