Nikon Lenses

The lens market is a broad one, and building a collection for wedding work is not always easy. After factoring-in your shooting style with opinions from professional colleagues and resources, it becomes clearer as to what kind of quality, long-lasting glass you’ll want in your kit.

B&H Wedding Guide: Lexar Memory Cards and Readers

Lexar continues to offer impressive high-performance memory cards and related products destined for the kit bags of professional wedding photographers and videographers whose prime directive is to capture the fleeting moments of a couple's most memorable day.


How To Calibrate Your Monitor

Whenever you open, select, or edit the digital images you’ve shot, or creatively correct or enhance them using post-production software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you are relying on a display device—a monitor connected to or built into your computer, tablet, or smartphone—to show you an accurate representation of your images.


Essential Gear for Savvy Wedding Pros

A Guide to Choosing Umbrellas and Softboxes

When working with flash lighting, it is rarely the case that bare-bulb flash is the ideal choice for lighting subjects, especially when those subjects are wedding participants and your objective is to create inviting, flattering light. Flash can be modified in a number of ways, which all effectively diffuse and redirect the initial light source into a broader, more aesthetically pleasing source that is ideally suited for creating interesting and controllable illumination.

From Fisheye to Telephoto: A Variety of Lenses for the Wedding Photographer

Here's a basic guide to the full range of lenses you might need to create successful wedding photographs, at


Professional Printers for Photographers: A B&H Buying Guide

iPads & Tablets: Icing on the Cake

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, wedding planner, or the lucky couple who will be tying the knot, an Apple iPad 2, new iPad, or one of the many Android tablet PCs can be very helpful when you’re preparing for a wedding. 

High-Definition Wedding Photography

Still photography and weddings have coexisted and depended on one another for just about as long as photographs have been made. Over the course of the 180 or so years of photography, the technology has obviously evolved and has been adapted to record these special events.


Innovative LED Lighting for Stills and Video

LEDs have come a very long way from simple uses as indicator lights on your audio and video equipment to a dominant position in the field of signage and display in large public venues. Since developing technology has helped to overcome their initial high cost of production, they are now poised to supplant fluorescent lamps in our homes.

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