One USB 3.0 Port Multiplies, with the Xcellon Powered USB Hub

Connections are important and, yet, we don’t always have enough of them to perform essential computing tasks. If you have a typical desktop, you’re probably blessed with at least four USB ports. Working from a laptop, you might just have between two and four USB ports. Essential peripherals—just like a printer and external storage drive for backups—connect via USB and take up most or all the ports on a laptop. For a desktop, you have more ports; however, you now have a USB keyboard and mouse requiring available USB ports.

Simplify Presentations with the Xcellon Wireless Presenter

Xcellon Storage System


Holiday 2012: Gifts and Gadgets for Your Mac Computer or MacBook

Many students, artists and creative professionals have a strong taste for everything Apple. The Mac computer brand is more a lifestyle than a mere product. People use Mac computers because they are configured to perform in a manner that enhances creativity.

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