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Holiday 2012: Portable Keyboards Roundup

“Portable keyboard” is a vague term, but with all kinds of musicians traversing the world with different needs, maybe being vague is a good thing. In this article, we’ll look at a range of portable keyboards; some appropriate for your first piano lesson, some appropriate for your 300th performance of the year. While most keyboards are technically portable, our focus will be on readily transportable keyboards.

New Yamaha PSR-S750 & PSR-S950 Digital Arranger Workstations

Yamaha has just announced two new Digital Arranger Workstations, the PSR-S750 and the PSR-S950. These feature-packed music creation machines can handle everything from writing and arranging to recording and performing.

A Cornucopia of Digital Pianos, Portable and Arranger Keyboards at B&H

A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance. With this in mind, it’s fitting to picture the B&H Pro Audio department as an abundant cornucopia, brimming with Digital Pianos, Arranger and Portable Keyboards. 

Holiday 2012: Keyboards and Digital Pianos

A “home keyboard” can be different things to different people, so likewise there are many kinds of keyboards available to satisfy various needs. Some people want a simple instrument with lush sounds that essentially takes the place of an acoustic piano in their home.

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