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Holiday 2012: Key Accessories for Keyboards

If you decide to take up horseback riding, a few key accessories will be required when you arrive home with your newly acquired thoroughbred. Besides a saddle, you’ll also need horseshoes, a stable, bales of hay and a trough from which your new horse can drink.

ONA Camera Bags: Rich and Imaginative

ONA camera bags combine form with function, and provide excellent protection for your camera—with style. Tracy Foster, the founder of ONA bags, has a goal: "Your camera bags and accessories should be rich and imaginative, like the photos you love to take."

The Well-Designed PS615 Audio Recorder Pouch and PS614 Bag from Petrol

Many audio people have been searching for a smartly designed case for portable digital recorders and for a location audio bag that can properly hold a Zaxcom Nomad or a Sound Devices 788T with a CL-8 Controller. Two new solutions from Petrol Bags have recently been released that fill these needs brilliantly. 

New Petrol Bags Announced for Audio, Fresh from NAB 2012

Recently at NAB 2012, Petrol Bags revealed that it has just increased the number of portable options available for audio equipment to include the convenient PS614 Deca Lightweight Audio Bag and the miniature PS615 Portable Digital Recorder Pouch. 

Building the Perfect Audio Bag

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the audio bags that are used in professional video and film productions? In this article we’ll take a close look at the gear found in a typical professional location sound bag, and explain what each piece of equipment does. You’ll gain an understanding of how all these devices connect together and why each tool is necessary to have.

How to Pack So You Don’t Break Your Back

When you’re packing your gear to travel out into the field, you should always ask yourself one question: Do I really need to give myself a hernia? Even though the answer is always “no,” it’s important to remind yourself not to make your freight heavier than it needs to be.

Traveling Light

For professionals, weekend warriors or newbies to the sport of taking pictures, the lure of new gear is a never-ending temptation. And let’s face it; we truly need that new lens, new flash, battery grip and whatever else the camera manufacturers announce on a never-ending basis.

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