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iZotope Upgrades Nectar 2 Production Suite

Remember the days of manually patching in three or four pieces of outboard equipment to create the ultimate vocal chain? Or are you new to recording, and is the whole idea of an effects chain baffling to you? When mainstream recording went digital, so did the mindset: you simply opened up multiple plug-ins for different processors to achieve the sound.

Hands-On Review: iZotope RX 3 Audio Restoration Software

If you're a beginner or a professional engineer, you've most likely had  this painful experience at one point or another: sitting there, tweaking EQs and filters, trying to salvage a busted clip of audio to make it usable for a project. What has brought you the misery this time?

Ableton Updates with Push Hardware and Live 9 Software

Ableton's Live digital audio workstation software has become a very popular platform for music making, live performance and DJ'ing. Live 9 is the latest version, featuring improved MIDI editing functions, audio-to-MIDI conversion, improved effects and a redesigned browser.

Ableton Announces the New Live 9 and Push Instrument/Controller

After three long years of development, Ableton has finally announced the new version of their flagship product: Live 9. The Berlin-based company also introduced a unique grid-style instrument/controller called Push. If you’re unfamiliar with Ableton Live, the hottest new feature in Live 9 likely may not seem too significant, but read more.

New 64-bit MOTU Digital Performer 8 Software for Mac and PC

Digital Performer 8 from MOTU is a comprehensive software application that enables you to create elaborate multi-track recordings, mixes and sound design for moving images. There are a number of standout features in the new version, such as support for 64- or 32-bit operation, Mac and PC compatibility, a new HD-capable video engine, 17 new included effects plug-ins and much more.

Rob Papen eXplorer II

The eXplorer II bundle from Rob Papen delivers a very rounded collection of multi platform and multi format plug-ins for electronic music production. The bundle features nine components including various synthesizer types and effects. In this fifteen minute video, the presenter delivers a quick but detailed tour of each plug-in, along with some useful audio examples.

Hands-On Review: Focusrite VRM Box

The VRM Box from Focusrite is a unique USB computer audio interface that’s solely dedicated to headphone monitoring. It enables you to listen to mixes on your computer with 15 different sets of emulated studio monitors, featuring everything from Genelec 1031A’s and Yamaha NS10’s to the built-in speakers on a flat-panel television.

Hands-On Review: Roland R-MIX Software

Software manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products, and with advances in audio-to-graphics technology, we’ve seen several new products recently that represent audio elements as colors in some form or another. One of these is R-MIX from Roland. 

Recording with the Mid-Side Microphone Configuration

When most people record audio in stereo, they usually go to the most common mic configurations, such as a matched pair of microphones arranged in an X/Y pattern, or possibly those same matched mics in an ORTF pattern for a wider stereo field. 

Fix Audio Disasters in Post with iZotope RX 2

When you’re shooting a video or recording music, it’s generally considered taboo to rely on fixing problems in post, rather than getting them right the first time. After all, if you record something properly, there will be no need to fix it later. 


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