Camera Stabilizers

Comodo Orbit Handheld Camera Stabilization System

The Comodo Orbit is a camera stabilization system that will make you rethink the way you shoot a scene. Invented by Dutch filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich, the device allows cinematographers to capture entire scenes in a single take using just one camera.

Hands-On Review: Handheld Stabilizers

This video is a mix of a hands-on review and a tutorial on using handheld video stabilization devices with gimbal designs that enable the capture of handheld video so smooth and steady that it would be impossible even with a shoulder-mount rig.

Hands-On Review: Steadicam Merlin-2

Designed by Garrett Brown, the inventor of the original Steadicam, the Steadicam Merlin2 has an efficient body that’s adjustable more than a dozen ways, all with the one aim of achieving smooth, flowing movement with your DSLR, small camcorder or point-and-shoot camera. 

SHAPE Camera Supports: Professional, Affordable, Versatile and Canadian!

If you've ever investigated the unusual world of support systems for video cameras and DSLRs, it doesn't take long to realize that there's a great divide in price between the entry-level offerings and the top-of-the-line stuff. But which manufacturer gives you the best bang for your hard-earned buck? Check out SHAPE, a line from Canada that is tough, versatile and dependable.

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