CD Players

Holiday 2012: Apple AirPlay for Wireless Tunes

When Apple decided to license its AirPlay technology to speaker and receiver manufacturers so their components could play audio wirelessly from iTunes on a Windows or Macintosh computer or from such iOS devices as an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, few realized how many companies would bite.

Tascam Announces the Professional CD-6010 Rackmount CD Player

While most music today is consumed via personal players using mp3 files, there is still a need for a professional CD player that is suitable for broadcast, studio or touring applications. Tascam has stepped up to the plate with the CD-6010.

New Panasonic Compact Stereo Systems

Panasonic is debuting three compact stereo systems equipped with speakers, a CD player, an FM radio and an iPod/iPhone dock. The SC-HC27, SC-HC37 and SC-HC57 are all designed to deliver big sound in a small space. 

Toshiba's New Blu-ray Trio

It was only a few years ago that Toshiba lead the charge against Blu-ray with the now defunct HD DVD format. Currently, the company offers a robust line of Blu-ray models as home theater players and notebook computers. Three of Toshiba’s latest video source components are the BDX2250, BDX4150 and BDX2150 players.

Trigger 20 Songs Instantly with the Tascam RC-20

People are accustomed to going to the theater and hearing sound cues fired off at the right moments. During a show, the sound effects all happen right on the beat; a song will start playing just as the house lights come up, etc.

The Pioneer CDJ-350: Affordable Digital Spinning

While vinyl has been making a comeback in the past few years, there is no denying that the future of mainstream music is digital (analog lovers, feel free to groan here). Pioneer has released a couple of excellent, DJ friendly CDJ digital multiplayers that allow you to manipulate digital music in much the same way you would work with analog music. 

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