Commercial Photography

Going Pro! with Selina Maitreya

If you are new to pro photography as a career or thinking about transitioning from being an amateur to going pro, watch this video!

The Paradoxical World of Claire Rosen

Inspired by fashion and fairy tales, photographer Claire Rosen constructs whimsical worlds, designs costumes and captures beauty with her camera. As both a fine art and commercial photographer, Rosen explores the dualities that exist in life. By working with themes and imagery popularized by fables and children’s stories, Rosen investigates universal truths while appealing to our desire for fantasy.

Event Space Video: Watch Your Back! Photographers' Rights in the 21st Century

Long time New York professional photographer, visual arts lawyer and educator Len Speier discusses the legal ramifications of commercial photography, including the concepts of protection, management and merchandising of the artist’s work.

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