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Here Comes The Bride, with Wedding Photographer Andy Marcus

Andy Marcus has been in the business of photographing weddings for more than 40 years. He has steadily built up his reputation as the photographer to hire for weddings in the New York area.

Holiday 2012: Upgrading Your Computer

Whether you’ve just bought a retail computer or built one yourself, there’s one thing that happens to both of them the moment you turn them on: they quickly become obsolete. Technology is always changing and you’ll find yourself constantly trying to keep up with the latest upgrades. A quad-core processor may seem like a fast processor, but now AMD makes an eight-core processor.

Holiday 2012: Game On!

I know you’re probably out there right now looking to purchase me your usual assortment of socks and sweaters as holiday gifts, but I was hoping this year to leave this letter on the kitchen counter and have you read this before you went shopping.

Western Digital Red NAS Internal Hard Drives for Home and Small Offices

Western Digital unveiled new Red NAS hard drive models on July 20, 2012. This innovative line of SATA hard drives is specifically designed for home and small office network attached storage (NAS) enclosures with one to five drive bays.

AMD FX Series Processors Bulldozing Their Way to Eight Cores

Remember when desktop computers used to have single-core processors, which would take an eternity just to open a Word document? Me neither. That’s because dual-core and even quad-core central processing units (CPUs) have become the standard for desktop computers.

Gifts for Gamers

Gamers like gifts just like anyone else. But it’s those special gifts that enhance their gaming enjoyment that are really appreciated. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest gifts for gamers this year.

Plan for a Headache-Free Graphics Card Upgrade

So, you’re planning on upgrading your computer’s graphics card. That’s great. A new graphics card can help speed up older systems tremendously, under the right circumstances. A new graphics card can also make your system compatible with newer displays, provided you can make everything work.

Upgrade Your Computer to Blu-ray

When recordable CD-ROM drives came out, computer users were ecstatic that there was finally a form of removable media that dwarfed floppy disks in capacity. At 650MB (per layer, per side), CD-ROMs held roughly 451 times the data of 1.44MB floppy disks.

Using KVMs

Most people own only one computer, or at least they operate only one computer at a time. After all, you can always multitask on a computer; that is, perform more than one operation simultaneously. For example, you might have a file downloading in the background while you check email in the foreground.

Desktop Computers

Computers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are portable, some are beautiful and some are very powerful. With so many different computers to choose from, selecting the right one can be confusing. This buyer’s guide will help you sort through all the confusion.


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