Computer Monitors

Monitoring the Situation with the BenQ PG2401PT

A monitor by any other name still looks as sweet and accurate, no? No. Picking the right monitor for your needs requires some fact checking, some hands-on experience, and an achievable goal of what you want the monitor to do. When you choose your monitor, you have to choose carefully.

View the World in 4K with the New ASUS Monitor

Standard high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution monitors have become commonplace nowadays. But as everything else in the computer industry goes, so goes high-definition viewing. Get ready for 4K: super high-definition viewing.

Holiday 2012: IPS Monitors

IPS monitors are high resolution computer monitors that provide clear images and accurate color from almost every angle you happen to view. They are normally a tool for pro photographers, printers, graphic designers and post-production professionals who demand exacting contrast, details and color replication.

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