Digital Mixers

Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixing Console

In this video, B&H Photo's Rob Rives takes us on a guided tour of the feature-rich X32 Compact digital mixing console from Behringer. The mixer, which features 16 MIDAS-designed mic preamps, can be used for front-of-house and monitor mixes in a live setting as well as for studio recording, with its built-in 32 x 32 USB audio interface card.

A New Icon in the World of MIDI Controllers: Introducing Icon Digital

As digital music continues to explore new realms and push boundaries through EDM, dubstep, and the growing trend of the mash-up, the demand rises for creative, functional, and deeply customizable MIDI controllers for both programming and controlling your DAW.

Integrating the Future: The New Presonus StudioLiveAI Series of Live Mixers

Presonus has announced the launch of their StudioLiveAI line of digital mixers, including the 16-channel 16.4.2AI, the 24-channel 24.4.2AI, and the 32-channel 32.4.2AI. Like their predecessors, each entry in the StudioLiveAI series has the number of channel faders and mic pres (and line inputs) to match their channel count: 16 on the 16.4.2, 24 on the 24.4.2, and 32 on the 32.4.2.

Dangerous Music is My Mastering Name

Ultimately, the process of composing, recording, and mixing a track comes down to the final master. Mastering engineers dedicate their careers to developing their ears so they can balance levels, position the stereo or surround image, equalize, and optimize a track’s levels while preserving the musicality of the original recording.

What Works for You? A Guide to DSLR Audio

If you gather ten sound engineers in a room and ask them what’s the best way to record something, don’t be surprised when you get ten different answers. One thing that makes sound engineering such a fun field is that all ten answers will probably be right.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: The Future of Live Sound

As Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and wireless technology continue to advance independently, manufacturers are striving to design products integrating a symbiosis of both. This was a clear theme among live-sound products being introduced this year at NAMM. Go Digital or Go Home!

Live Sound Reinforcement from PreSonus

This week at NAMM, PreSonus is rolling out some new live sound gear for the New Year. They’ve gone for the gold, creating an entire sound system: a digital mixer, powered full-range mains and a powered sub.

Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer with iPad Control

In the past year, Mackie has given the process of live sound mixing a very futuristic twist. Combining their expertise in analog mixers with excellent digital audio conversion and iPad-driven operation, the DL Series mixers would have been right at home on Hanna-Barbera's animated TV series, The Jetsons. The latest model in this series, the DL806, is premiering this week at NAMM 2013.

Holiday 2012: DJ Controllers

Everyone wants to be a DJ these days, and with good reason—DJs are cool. Movie stars are doing it. Sports stars are doing it. Guess what? You could do it, too.

Hands-on Review: the Mackie DL1608 Sound Mixer

This video review explores aspects of the Mackie DL1608 16-channel live sound mixer. You’ll learn how to control all of the DL1608’s functions with an iPad, using the Master Fader app. Rob Rives demonstrates a few of the preset settings and effects, as well as the mixer’s wireless capabilities.

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