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Discover Intelligent Photo Compression with JPEGmini

JPEGmini Photo Optimization Software provides an elegant solution to a nagging issue: file compression and the quality loss that comes with it. But JPEGmini reduces JPEG files—some up to 80%—without affecting the perceptible image quality.


Rob Papen eXplorer II

The eXplorer II bundle from Rob Papen delivers a very rounded collection of multi platform and multi format plug-ins for electronic music production. The bundle features nine components including various synthesizer types and effects. In this fifteen minute video, the presenter delivers a quick but detailed tour of each plug-in, along with some useful audio examples.

Fix Audio Disasters in Post with iZotope RX 2

When you’re shooting a video or recording music, it’s generally considered taboo to rely on fixing problems in post, rather than getting them right the first time. After all, if you record something properly, there will be no need to fix it later. 

New Firmware Update for the Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR

Although it won’t be available until early August, Canon has announced a firmware upgrade for its EOS 7D DSLR camera. Canon is giving it a performance bump with an exciting new upgrade: Firmware Version 2.0.X.

The New EZkeys Piano and Songwriting Tool from Toontrack

If you’re a creative person who uses a computer for making music, sooner or later you’re going to wish you had an excellent sounding virtual piano at your disposal, regardless of the style you play.

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