Electronic Flashes

Off-Camera Flash: Packing Small and Shooting Big

Join Joseph Carey as he takes you through the basics of the often daunting world of flash photography, with a focus on Speedlites. Fulfill your creative ideas with your flash and camera rather than allow the technology to get in the way of your vision.

Quick Start to Off-Camera Flash with Canon Speedlites

In this Canon-specific workshop, you can learn how to quickly create beautiful light with off-camera Speedlites. Explore the difference between on-camera flash and off-camera flash and how to select camera and Speedlite settings.

A Flash of Brilliance: A Hands-On Experience With Canon's Radio Based Wireless E TTL System

Join Canon's John Stoilov for an informative and inspirational session on the new radio-based Wireless E-TTL flash, the Speedlite 600EX-RT, and get an up-close look at its features and capabilities.

Telling the Story with Details

Wedding photography is obviously about the bride and groom, and their special day. While that story is told with photos of the lucky pair, and their guests, their memories of the event can be enhanced with images that might not be so obvious.

Hands-On Review: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon’s recently introduced Speedlite 600EX-RT is the newest flagship flash unit and the successor to the popular 580EX II. This speedlight supports E-TTL II metering for an accurate, controllable flash and has a powerful zoom head that covers 20-200mm focal lengths with a guide number of 197’ (60 m) at ISO100.

Hands-On Review for the Nikon SB-910 Flash

Nikon’s newly released flagship flash unit, the SB-910 AF Speedlight, is the successor to the SB-900 and features a wealth of new updates for additional convenience and control over your lighting setup.  

New Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite: A Flash Powerhouse

The 600EX-RT Speedlite, Canon’s newly announced successor to its cutting-edge 580EX II, enhances the best features of the 580EX II, and then throws in some fresh ingredients that sweeten the pot.

New LED-Enabled FL-600R TTL Flash and Lenses from Olympus

Olympus has introduced a new flagship wireless TTL flash to go along with its Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds camera systems, the Olympus FL-600R. The new flash features TTL flash exposures through a choice of four wireless channels, a zoom head that can tilt as much as 90°and swivel up to 180°.

New SB-910 Speedlight from Nikon

Designed as a replacement for Nikon’s very popular SB-900 Speedlight, the SB-910 features a short list of significant upgrades.

Understanding Guide Numbers

Flash exposures are interesting in that, with the exception of the lightning-like blasts of light produced by larger studio systems and the tinier “poofs” of light emitted from pop-up flashes, to the human eye all flash exposures are perceived as being equal in value even though they might differ by several stops.


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