New Ion Guitar Apprentice

Lighted portable keyboards offer an extremely intuitive and user-friendly method for learning to play piano. In order to play a song, the first keys that need to be pressed are illuminated, and the next notes in the tune light up after the previous set have been played, so the user knows exactly where to strike in succession.

Apogee Jam: A Guitarist's Dream for Apple iOS and Mac

If you play guitar and you own one of Appleā€™s world-dominating iPads or iPhones, then you should plug into a Jam by Apogee. Jam is a small device that enables you to plug a guitar or bass directly into one of those handsome Apple gadgets.

Recording the Acoustic Guitar at Home

The sound of plucked-string acoustic instruments, from the mandolin to the ghimbri, has enlivened thousands of recordings in nearly every genre of music since the invention of the gramophone.

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