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NAPP and Kelby Training Memberships Now Available

If you’re a photographer, you know that the tools of the trade are constantly evolving. Since one of today’s primary tools is Adobe Photoshop, mastering the software’s intricacies and newest capabilities can help you maintain professional success in the digital age.

Easy as One, Two, Three with Scott Kelby

The gist of Scott Kelby’s common-sense style can be gleaned from a page randomly chosen from his Digital Photography Book Volume 3, titled “Controlling Softness with an Umbrella.” 

Conquering Adobe Software via Kelby Training DVDs

If you’re a professional photographer, you probably spend as much or more time in front of a computer as behind a camera. And since such Adobe programs as Photoshop have proven the most popular, Kelby Training has created a series of DVDs to hone your Adobe software skills.

A Tree Grows in Save-Land

Have you ever been working on a creative project on your computer and you reach a point where the work loses its spark and starts to go downhill? It's a painful scenario in which the creative potential of your digital tools somehow destroys the idea you were chipping away at.

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