Image Composition

Holiday 2012: Advanced Composition

In this B&H Video, David Brommer starts with cave paintings, quickly works his way through Egyptian and Medieval art and arrives in the Renaissance to demonstrate the advancement of composition and the birth of the Rule of Thirds.

The Thinking Photographer: How to See a Photograph and Mentally Frame It As You Shoot

One of the blessings of digital photography is that we can take as many shots as we like and just delete the ones we don’t want. Although not exactly a curse, long time professional photographer Bob Straus doesn’t see it that way. Rather, he gently suggests, it makes us less creative because we don’t give enough thought to what we are doing. His advice is to shoot digitally with a film mindset.

Intermediate Lighting for Portraiture

Since the early days of science, photographers have searched for ways to artificially enhance the creative process. From the early days of limelight, through the use of flashpowder, we arrive today at electronic flash, the tool in trade of the fashion, beauty and portrait photographer.

Working the Tables

The guidelines for shooting tables full of guests are fairly straightforward. You’re going to politely ask half the table to rise and stand behind the luckier half that gets to remain seated. Then you’ll line everyone up evenly, being careful not to lose anyone behind a plant, bottle or tall guest.

Post-Capture Vignetting

The differences between OK photographs, good photographs and terrific photographs are numerous, but the reasons for the differences can be subtle and not so obvious. Subject matter is important, though sometimes a strong photograph of peeling paint can have as much or more impact upon the viewer as a strong, well-lit portrait.

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