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A New Icon in the World of MIDI Controllers: Introducing Icon Digital

As digital music continues to explore new realms and push boundaries through EDM, dubstep, and the growing trend of the mash-up, the demand rises for creative, functional, and deeply customizable MIDI controllers for both programming and controlling your DAW.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

Due to its compact size, cute design, and unusual layout, one may almost mistake the OP-1 Portable Synthesizer for a toy upon first glance. But, once you start to explore the depth of functionality that this piece has to offer, you begin to realize that phrases like “mini workstation,” “powerful synthesizer,” and “beast” are far more descriptive terms.

The Nu-Desine AlphaSphere Nexus Electronic MIDI Controller

UK-based manufacturer nu-desine has just announced the AlphaSphere nexus, a unique, spherically shaped USB MIDI controller and musical instrument that has been designed to cater to the modern electronic musician.

Hands-On Review: Novation MiniNova Mini-Keyboard

Novation is a leading brand in the resurging synthesizer market. Their microsynth, the MiniNova, is a versatile and feature-packed 37-key sound-shaping machine. The MiniNova is built on the same sound engine as the flagship UltraNova.

Holiday 2012: Electronic Drum Kits from Alesis, Roland & Yamaha

This holiday article takes a look at some of the most popular electronic drum kits from three of the most widely respected electronic drum kit manufacturers—Alesis, Roland and Yamaha. These nine kits cover everything from the most affordable beginner kits up through high-end professional kits.

New Yamaha PSR-S750 & PSR-S950 Digital Arranger Workstations

Yamaha has just announced two new Digital Arranger Workstations, the PSR-S750 and the PSR-S950. These feature-packed music creation machines can handle everything from writing and arranging to recording and performing.

New Roland Amps, Keyboards, Interfaces and Trainers

Roland recently announced several new products, with everything from a powerful rack-mountable sound module to a little battery-powered PA system that fits under your arm.

New Novation Animated MiniNova Synthesizer

Novation has announced the new MiniNova, a 37 mini-key synthesizer. It’s an ultra-compact keyboard with some unique design features. It could easily fit on top of a guitar amplifier, and its controls are obviously laid out for performance. It comes with 256 preset sounds, and you can save up to 128 custom patches.

New Casio PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850 Privia Digital Pianos

Casio recently announced four new digital pianos in the popular Privia line: the PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850. All of these instruments provide a realistic sounding and authentic feeling piano-playing experience, complete with built-in speakers and multiple instrument sounds.

The Unapologetically Proud Beat Thang

If you take a look at the available groove production sampling workstations, you’ll find a range of instruments that either borrow heavily from classic designs that are more than twenty years old, or you find products that seem like they were made solely for cyborgs.


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