LED Lighting

Lumos LED Lighting

Lumos appears to have finally found the quality needed for professional LED lighting by offering full-featured lights with some of the highest color rendering indexes at this time—98 on the highest end. So, with Lumos lights, you can be confident in their quality while you benefit from the advantages of LED lighting.

First Look: Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

When Profoto rolls out a new product, you sit up and take notice, whether it’s an umbrella, reflector, or battery charger. So, when a new flash head became available for field testing, I was totally onboard.

On-Camera LED Lights

LED lights are gaining increasing acceptance in the professional video-production industry. When LED video lights were first introduced, they were seen as a smaller, lighter, and often times more convenient alternative to traditional tungsten fixtures, but they were generally considered inferior when it came to the brightness and the quality of light that they produced.

How To Light a Wedding Perfectly Using the New GL-1 LED Light, with Brian Marcus

Brian Marcus, the co creator of the GL-1, guides you through the processes and techniques that make this revolutionary product so successful for his professional workflow.

Three-Point Lighting Tutorial

Three-point lighting is a crucial skill for both videographers and photographers. In this video, Mia McCormick of Kelby Media gives a simple tutorial on three-point lighting for video. Learn where to place the key, fill and backlight, how to adjust them, and different ways to alter a standard setup in order to create dramatic effects.

Ikan LED Studio Light with Touch-Screen Dimming

Industry leader ikan has announced two new LED studio lights, expanding its already impressive inventory of fixtures and lighting kits. The unique aspect of both lights is the inclusion of an LCD touch screen control panel, which replaces the knobs and switches located on the back of the older units.

Power and Versatility with the Bescor LED-1200K

The Bescor LED-1200K is the most powerful LED light currently offered by Bescor, providing a tungsten equivalent 1000-watt output while only consuming 100 watts itself. LED lights are well-known for their general lack of power consumption and cool-to-the touch output, making them a viable alternative to traditional hot lights.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR Innovations

As 2012 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to take a look back at a year which saw many innovations in the world of HDSLR video. One of the most prominent trends of 2012 has been the continuing blending of still and video acquisition technologies into the same tools.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Intro to Night-Vision Videography

This video discusses night-vision videography and takes a look at two cameras, Sony’s HXR-NX70U and HDR-PJ760V, both of which have built-in infrared modes. You’ll learn the basics of working with infrared light and how to improve your night-vision videos with special, infrared light kits, like the Sima SL-100IR and the Litepanels MiniPlus IR.


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