Macro Photography

An Introduction to Macro Photography

From backyards to city streets, to the National Parks, macro photography allows you to become delightfully lost in the intimate details of our world. Join professional landscape photographer and author Tim Cooper as he introduces you to the fascinating world of macro photography.

Photographing those Close-Up Flower Portraits When Tripods or Monopods Are Forbidden

One of the greatest frustrations of floral photography is attending an indoor flower show fully prepared for close-up photography using long macro lenses and discovering tripods or monopods are not allowed. (They’re forbidden inside the NYBG Conservatory because they impede traffic on narrow, crowded walkways).

Holiday 2012: Better Product Shots

Whether it be jewelry, posters or a shiny model car, when selling an item online, the better your photograph of that product, the better your chance for a sale. It’s just simple math.

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