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Eye-Fi Expands Mobi Wireless Memory Card Capacity to 32GB

Eye-Fi has announced its 32GB SDHC Mobi Wireless Class 10 Memory Card, offering all the same features and specs of the previous 8GB and 16GB editions—while having the distinction of being the first 32GB card that Eye-Fi has ever produced.

Recovering Erased Images/Data from Your Memory

Losing images is perhaps one of the biggest, yet little-thought-about fears of many professional photographers and hobbyist shooters. Unfortunately, there are people out there that do not know how to recover images if they are lost. I talked to a few industry experts, asking them to share their knowledge about image recovery and software.

Seth Resnik, David H. Wells, Ziv Gillat (creator of the Eye-Fi card) and John Christopher of DriveSavers, Inc. all shared their insights with me.

Three Ways To Protect Your Photographs

Do you put all your eggs into one basket? Let's clarify—are all your memories on one memory card? They really shouldn't be. Nothing can be more painful than losing a lot of those great moments from parties and the kids' soccer game, or the evidence from your car accident. Here are some ideas on how to protect those memories.

Photo from Musee Mccord Museum

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