Musikmesse 2012

The Roland Juno-Di Mobile Synthesizer, Now Available in White

The Roland Juno-Di stands out as an excellent synthesizer for active musicians who are traveling back and forth from rehearsals and gigs. Visually, the Juno-Di comes off as a formidable keyboard that you can easily imagine a professional musician playing in a large music venue, but when you lift it up, you’ll be amazed at how lightweight it is for its size. 

The Innovative New Roland GA-112 and GA-212 Guitar Amplifiers

There are plenty of guitar amplifiers available that feature digital modeling, but the modeling is always used to emulate the characteristics of a specific guitar amplifier. The new GA-112 and GA-212 stage amplifiers from Roland feature a new, advanced COSM modeling technology.

The New Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer

When one thinks of the Roland Jupiter series of synthesizers, classic 1980’s pop music likely comes to mind, or perhaps you picture a heavy duty analog synth devotee crafting strange and magical sounds in a studio filled with other vintage electronics. 

Sing Like an Idol with the New Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer

When an electric guitarist takes the stage to perform, they’ll often be armed with an array of effects pedals that allow them to push the creative boundaries of their instrument. Singers can get in on the crowd-pleasing fun with the new Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer. 

Roland’s SPD-30 Octapad is Now Available in Black

Roland’s SPD-30 Octapad digital percussion pad is now available in black. The eight-pad Instrument comes with over 600 sounds arranged in 50 kits, along with 30 different types of multi-effects, plus live looping functionality. 

The New Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, Now Available in Black

An electric guitar or bass can only produce the sound of an electric guitar or bass, right? Not with the Roland GR-55 Synthesizer and a GK series pickup. Plucking and strumming on the strings can produce over 900 different tones, and we’re talking everything from grand pianos to the sounds of outer space.

The New Roland TD-11 and TD-15 Sound Modules and V-Drums Kits

Roland has announced the new TD-11 and TD-15 drum sound modules, which are available individually or bundled in new V-Drums kits, and feature Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology with Behavioral Modeling. But how do these flashy-sounding marketing terms benefit you? 

The New and Improved Roland PK-9 MIDI Pedalboard

Keyboard players, organists and MIDI controller enthusiasts alike can tap into a deeper level of foot control with the new Roland PK-9 Pedalboard. Like the last generation of this product, the PK-9 is solidly built and features 20 velocity-sensitive pedal keys with an integrated volume/expression pedal.

iPhone Recording, Jamming and Interacting with the New Roland Wireless Connect

Roland Wireless Connect opens up a cool new way for users of Roland electronic musical instruments to rock out, record and interact on the Web with an Apple iPhone. 

New Roland RH-A7 Headphones are Digital Piano Dedicated

High-quality digital pianos are capable of recreating the sound and feel of world-class acoustic grand pianos, and the new Roland RH-A7 Monitor Headphones were designed to faithfully reproduce these high-caliber tones. 

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