NAB 2012

New Petrol Bags Announced for Audio, Fresh from NAB 2012

Recently at NAB 2012, Petrol Bags revealed that it has just increased the number of portable options available for audio equipment to include the convenient PS614 Deca Lightweight Audio Bag and the miniature PS615 Portable Digital Recorder Pouch. 

New Petrol Bags Carrying Case for LED Light Panel Systems and Accessories

Due to the addition of high-definition video in devices ranging from high-end DSLRs, down to handheld pocket camcorders, it is now possible to shoot HD quality video in more ways and more locations than ever before. 

New Panasonic AG-AC160A & AG-AC130A Camcorders Announced at NAB

A pair of updates to existing camcorders put Panasonic’s AG-AC130A and AG-AC160A on a slightly higher plane than their predecessors. This month Panasonic is expected to make available these two improved models.

New Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses Announced at NAB

Further aligning itself with the needs of independent filmmakers, Zeiss announced at NAB two interchangeable-mount additions to its Compact Prime CP.2 family of cine primes. Joining one end of the lineup is a super-wide Distagon 15/T2.9, and complementing the other end is a Sonnar 135/T2.1 telephoto.

Powerful New LH Series HD/3D/2D Monitors from Panasonic at NAB 2012

Panasonic announced two new HD monitors at NAB 2012: the 21.5” BT-LH2170 and the 18.5” BT-LH1850. Both models provide critically precise monitoring, flexible 2D and 3D capabilities, a full complement of professional inputs and outputs and rugged construction for the field and the production facility.

New Panasonic AJ-HPX255 Camcorder Announced at NAB

At the NAB 2012 show, Panasonic announced the AG-HPX255, an update to its popular AG-HPX250 handheld camcorder. The AG-HPX255 carries over all the existing advanced features of its predecessor and adds a big one: Compatibility with the Panasonic AG-EC4G extension control unit.

New JVC SR-HD2500US Blu-ray Recorder Announced at NAB

The annual NAB show is always an exciting affair, with each year bringing ever more technical advancements. The 2012 show was no exception, and despite the predictions in certain quarters of the demise of DVDs as a distribution medium, huge interest was shown in the JVC SR-H D2500US Blu-ray recorder.

New Panasonic microP2 Cards and Adapter Announced at NAB 2012

Panasonic’s well-established P2 media format evolved at NAB 2012, with the announcement of the upcoming microP2 Card, and the microP2 Adapter. The new cards provide the same incredibly reliable operation and performance as current P2 Cards, in a form factor that’s the same size and shape as a common SD card. 

New JVC Workflow-Friendly ENG Cameras Announced at NAB

JVC announced two powerful ENG cameras at NAB 2012, the GY-HM600 and GY-HM650. Both of these professional handheld HD camcorders feature 1/3-inch 1920 x 1080 12-bit CMOS sensors, F11 light sensitivity at 2000 lux, a fast f/1.6 Fujinon Auto Focus 23x zoom lens, and more.

Beautiful New Blackmagic Cinema Camera Announced at NAB

The exciting new Blackmagic Cinema Camera fills a unique niche in the video market by supplying a 13-stop 2.5K image sensor, a built-in SSD recorder, the ability to shoot uncompressed RAW (and compressed formats), full compatibility with EF and ZE lenses, a built-in 5-inch touch screen LCD and Thunderbolt connectivity. 


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