Pan-Tilt Heads

Benro Camera Supports Offer Flexibility in Choices but Stability by Design

A tripod, in the most simplistic of terms, is a self-contained camera support system. These support systems are often necessary and always helpful for providing a stable place upon which your camera can sit. The main drawback to using a tripod is carrying it; it creates extra weight and takes up more space in your setup.

Manfrotto Hobbyist Tripods

There comes a time in every newbie photographer’s life when they need a camera support that goes beyond the limitations of Lego™-like tablepods, and that’s where Manfrotto’s new 290-series Hobbyist tripods come into the picture.

Manfrotto Professional Tripods and Heads

Featuring lightweight carbon fiber legs, a choice of rapid or geared columns, and a new ground-leveling system, Manfrotto’s MT057 Series tripods have the qualities and features working pros expect and demand from their camera-support systems. Manfrotto MT057 series tripods are available in three-section and four-section models.

Induro PHQ 5-Way Panheads

For some photographers, any tripod head will do. And while this may hold true for many photographers, others eventually get to a point at which the subject matter they're pursuing—and sometimes where they're pursuing their subjects—starts revealing the limitations of the pan or ball head they've been using until that time. If this sounds familiar, you might want to look into Induro's PHQ-series 5-Way Panheads.

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