Pet Photography

Sit. Roll Over. Now Smile: Holiday Pet Portraits and Beyond

Every pet owner would love to take a photograph that shows off the truly wonderful characteristics of their furry family member, to capture the moment that best exhibits the playful, lovable, or simply beautiful nature of the beast who means so much to them. Needless to say, getting that shot is not so easy. Animals rarely tilt their heads a bit to the right on your command.

Your Best Pet/Animal Portrait

Nap Time

A little while ago, we asked you to share your favorite pet and animal portraits in our Flickr Group. We received loads of amazing photos from your archives, and you proceeded to tell us a little story about the photos. Here are some of the best.

Photo by Rich Frollini "My little boy loved the sleeping Mandrill at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He kept yelling 'Wake up, monkey !!!"'

Puppy Portraits

 Create a fun portrait of your four-legged family member in just a few quick and easy steps.

Seven Beginner's Tips to Photographing Your Pet

Humans and their pets share an unbreakable bond that is forever captured and remembered in the photos we take of them. Capturing compelling portraits of your pets is fairly simple but takes quite a bit of practice and attention to details. Here are a couple of quick pointers to start you off.

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