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Matrox Monarch HD

A great deal of buzz developed when Matrox revealed their first self-contained streaming/recording device, the Monarch HD, at NAB 2013. What followed was a string of awards and recognition from, TV Technology, British Columbia Videographers Association, and Digital Video Magazine.

The New Sony PMW-160 Camcorder and PMW-50 Field Deck

Sony is expanding its XDCAM HD422 lineup with the new PMW-160 handheld camcorder and the PMW-50 SxS field deck. With three 1/3” Exmor CMOS sensors, the camcorder was designed for broadcast and television productions.


New JVC SR-HD2500US Blu-ray Recorder Announced at NAB

The annual NAB show is always an exciting affair, with each year bringing ever more technical advancements. The 2012 show was no exception, and despite the predictions in certain quarters of the demise of DVDs as a distribution medium, huge interest was shown in the JVC SR-H D2500US Blu-ray recorder.

Blu-ray Disc Players Roundup

As the A/V component of choice to show off your Full HD TV’s or projector’s chops, the Blu-ray Disc player has evolved beyond garden-variety DVD and CD players and is better viewed as an all-purpose media player.

New Tricks for AVerMedia's TV Players

Upping the media-savvy IQ of your TV set is easy with one of AVerMedia's newly arrived players. Each attaches to an HDMI input on your TV or home theater receiver: one model adds a USB input and card reader; another lets you attach a USB or eSATA device and stream content from your home network or the Internet; a third turns your cable or satellite box into a computer-controlled DVR.

Ten Space-Saving Tips for the Digital Home Dweller

Whether you’re moving into a smaller abode or simply want to make more efficient use of existing rooms, there are at least 10 things you can do to free up space. By digitizing the piles of physical media in your home and relocating or replacing some equipment, you stand to become the big-time beneficiary of an analog-to-digital makeover!

Streaming Goes Art-House Chic

Back when the laserdisc was the premium home-video format, the Criterion Collection was deemed the go-to label for highest-quality transfers of art house movies. On February 15, 150 Criterion films were released online through Hulu Plus, the $7.99 per month subscription service. Later in the year, the number of titles is expected to grow to 800. 

Caring for and Cleaning Your Electronics

Cleaning resolutions spring eternal, but when it comes to protecting the investment in your flat-panel TV and other components, you’d be wise to follow through with a little preventive maintenance.

How to Transmit Music Wirelessly Without Wi-Fi

Despite its advantages, a Wi-Fi home network isn’t for everyone. If all you want to do is send audio from a CD player, boom box, TV or even a computer to speakers in another room, you can usually take advantage of a standard audio output on the player.

How to Make Home Entertainment More Accessible for the Elderly

Eyesight and hearing can deteriorate as people age, yet watching TV and reading are activities that never grow old. If you assist parents or grandparents with technology in their homes, you can help them choose appropriate products, then follow up by adjusting the equipment for optimal usability.


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