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Hands-On Review: the Sony PMW-300K1

Join Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, as she shares her impressions of the Sony PMW300K1, which comes with a 14X Fujinon Zoom Lens. She discusses the camera as a direct replacement for the EX3, going over its improvements and upgrades. This includes the PMW300’s improved ergonomics, viewfinder, and recording capabilities over the EX3.

Hands-On Review: the Canon XA25 Professional HD Camcorder

Join Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, as she discusses the new Canon XA25 Professional HD Camcorder and what makes it a good choice for news gatherers and documentarians. This video covers the camera’s 8-blade, 20x optical zoom lens, constant and variable zoom speeds, professional menu features, and the options available for simultaneously recording in two codecs at two different bit-rates.

Hands-On Review: JVC GY-HM650 ProHD Mobile News Camera

The JVC GY-HM650 is an intriguing camcorder for news producers for one very good reason: it integrates FTP and Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that by using a wireless mobile hotspot, you can send raw video back to the station immediately after you shoot it. In this video, Kelby Media's Mia McCormick reviews the HM650 and finds that this feature works as advertised.

Hands-On Review: Sony NEX-VG30 Interchangeable Lens HD Camcorder

The NEX-VG30 is Sony's latest iteration in a very popular series of large-sensor Handycams that feature interchangeable E-mount lenses. The main innovation of the VG30 is the zoom rocker, which executes the wide-to-telephoto action of the new 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Power Zoom lens that's available as part of a kit with this camcorder.

New JVC ProHD Mobile News Cameras: the GY-HM600 and GY-HM650

JVC has developed two new professional camcorders, branded as “Mobile News Cameras.” The GY-HM600 and the GY-HM650 are nearly identical handheld camcorders, designed for traditional HDTV broadcast productions as well as Internet distribution.

Hands-On Review: Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder

Along with the NEX-EA50UH, Sony packages an 18-200mm lens that  features a servo zoom—a first for an E-mount lens. With an APS-C-sized sensor, the camcorder offers the large sensor (over 16Mp) that you need to achieve shallow depth of field easily for both photos and video.

Holiday 2012: The Year in Video Cameras

This past year has seen some exciting developments in the rapidly evolving world of professional video production, and 2012 was a big year for new cameras in particular. In this article we’ll take a quick look at a few of these exciting, new cameras and their more notable contributions to the industry’s bleeding-edge technology.

Holiday 2012: The Vitality of Camcorders

It seems like everything you buy these days has a video camera embedded in it somewhere. Computers, phones, gadgets, even game controllers stare back at you through unblinking, peephole-sized lenses.

The New Sony PMW-F55 and F5 Digital Cinema Cameras

Sony has unveiled the PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K digital cinema camera, and the spec sheet has filmmakers everywhere abuzz. Consider a hypothetical list of qualities that would be essential to your dream motion picture camera.

The Sony NEX-VG900 Full-Frame Camcorder

Sony is expected to start shipping the NEX-VG900 camcorder in November 2012, and with no shortage of competitive options out there, it may be helpful to take a closer look at what sets the VG900 apart. The new camera includes some significant advancements for the VG line. Most notably, the VG900 will be the first camera to pair the camcorder form factor with a full-frame sensor.


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