Small Lights, Big Looks

If you don’t have the budget to buy or rent studio lighting gear, or you just prefer to travel light, can you still get studio-style results?

The good news is that you can. The equipment will not be as functionally convenient as gear designed specifically for the job. You’ll have to get a bit creative in terms of how you piece together and use parts that weren’t conceived for this purpose. In the end, light is light—it’s how you use it and how you modify the sources that really give lighting its “look.”

Editor's Note: This is a guest blogpost by Brian Dilg, Chair, New York Film Academy Photography School

Opening photo is Day Two Hundred Ninety-nine: Ninja Time [Explored] by Stormline via the B&H Photo Flickr Group

Green Day's Call for Cranky Consumers

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day might inspire some of us to conserve electricity by pulling AC adapters from wall outlets and curbing the excessive use of disposable batteries. While converting our homes to wind-or solar-power may be beyond our means, exerting a little elbow grease is within all our budgets. That's why the Sima CR-200 Crank Power Radio & Flashlight makes so much sense.

Hands-on Review of the Tivoli Audio iPAL

Many people are obsessed with keeping a close eye on the latest gadgets, and often judge if each new doodad has a forward-thinking design. If you place a Tivoli iPAL on a shelf next to the latest gizmos, it fits right in. What's interesting is that some of the fundamental design concepts behind it date back to the 1950 s and 60's. This week I realized that in our web 2.0 world, a portable AM/FM radio is still a wonderfully handy piece of technology to have around.

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