Summer NAMM 2012

New at Summer NAMM: The Yamaha P-105, an iPad-Friendly Digital Piano

It would be amazing to have a Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano in your home, but not everyone has the space to fit a massive instrument in their living room, nor the $100,000+ required to purchase one. 

New at Summer NAMM: M-Audio Axiom AIR Controller Keyboards & Ignite Software

It’s been a rollercoaster of a month for M-Audio (AVID sold the brand to inMusic on July 2nd), but it hasn’t skipped a beat with its product development, and nothing punctuates this better than the announcement of the new Axiom AIR Series of USB controller keyboards that the company unveiled at Summer NAMM 2012. 

New at Summer NAMM: the Korg TM-50 Combo Tuner Metronome

Korg’s recently announced TM-50 Combo Tuner Metronome offers both pitch identification and rhythm training in one compact unit. The tuner supports a detection range from C1 to C8 with 12-note equal temperament tuning. It features an ultra-responsive LCD needle type meter display and is equipped with a built-in speaker as well.

New at Summer NAMM: Push Forward with the Korg KronosX Music Workstation

Just last year the original Korg Kronos was unveiled, and its intensely spacious sounds, array of nine tone creation engines and SSD architecture delighted the music world, and took it by complete surprise. Korg had offered a similar system in the past (the OASYS), and Kronos came in at half the price.

New at Summer NAMM: Perfect Vocals from the TC Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic Pedal

The VoiceTone Mic Mechanic is a new arrival from TC-Helicon. It’s a pedal box for singers that offers reverb, delay and pitch correction. Any singer who’s ever played at a tiny club with a flat mic, dead acoustics or no sound guy, knows the frustration that comes from singing in this type of venue. 

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