Teleprompters: Basic Terms & Series Overview - Episode 1

This video kicks off our four-part series on teleprompters with a broad overview of the indispensible tool that facilitates truly professional on-camera presentation. The series examines what a professional through-the-glass teleprompter can help you do, and spells out some of the advantages it provides over other options such as cue cards and off-camera teleprompters.

Teleprompters: Software & Entry-Level Options - Episode 2

This segment focuses on simple, entry-level teleprompter systems and teleprompter software. It touches on topics such as smooth scrolling, the distance from the presenter to the lens, and (related to that) the appropriate size for text. For simple teleprompter systems, several freeware teleprompter programs are available.

Teleprompters: Better Hardware for Pros - Episode 3

Complex, time-sensitive video projects require higher-end teleprompter gear. This section covers the advantages that higher-end teleprompter systems bring to the table, in both software and hardware. For news programs and for pre-taped multi-segment shows, teleprompter software needs to be capable of handling multiple scripts and multi-segment scripts.

Teleprompters: Broadcast Quality, High-End Prompting - Episode 4

News broadcasts and live, multi-camera shoots are demanding projects and as such, they require extremely high-end features from their teleprompter systems. Script changes often need to be inserted into the teleprompter script stream in real time.

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