Selecting and Setting Up a TV Antenna

Though most viewers have never attached an antenna to a TV, they’ve also never experienced the novelty of free TV. Cable and satellite services are laden with monthly fees, but an antenna is a one-time purchase.

Ten Space-Saving Tips for the Digital Home Dweller

Whether you’re moving into a smaller abode or simply want to make more efficient use of existing rooms, there are at least 10 things you can do to free up space. By digitizing the piles of physical media in your home and relocating or replacing some equipment, you stand to become the big-time beneficiary of an analog-to-digital makeover!

How to Watch TV on Your Computer

Even before most people had bought their first high-definition TV sets, they already owned high-def displays attached to their desktop computers or rooted in their notebooks. They just didn’t use them to watch TV. Today, there are at least three ways to watch TV on a computer.

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