Tungsten Lighting

Hands-on Review: Impact Qualite

A professional lighting unit with barndoors that provides an even focusing beam. Also available is the Lumelite, a mini light that packs a punch and is a great complement to any shoot.

Lowel Prime 400 LED Lights

The Lowel Prime 400 light is a professional LED panel that’s perfectly suited to any project that requires high quality, bright studio lighting, be it photography or video. Like all LED models, the light draws very little power and runs both quietly and coolly.

Be a Pro: Be Prepared

You've signed a contract and the date is set, so how does a savvy wedding photographer proceed? Photographing a wedding involves more than simply showing up on the big day with a camera, lens, flash and a set of charged batteries.

Lighting Systems for Wedding Photography

After cameras and lenses, the third slice of your wedding gear triad is your choice of lighting gear. The most basic system revolves around a dedicated TTL (through the lens) flashgun mounted on your camera’s hot shoe (or preferably on an adjustable flash bracket). 

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