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If you're like me, you never get tired of digital content. I appreciate having multiple options for TV shows, music, and movies. An abundance of content allows me to re-watch my favorites, as well as provide an opportunity to binge-watch something new—and lately, with so many shows being picked up on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus, the latter has been happening quite frequently.

DISH Tailgater Bundle: Take TV on the Road

Whether you’re a sports fan or a movie lover, the DISH Tailgater Bundle with ViP 211k HD Receiver allows you to enjoy your television programming outside the confines of your living room. Using a DISH subscription, you can pair this bundle with a TV and a power outlet, and you’re on your way to watching television at a campsite or in the stadium parking lot.

Toshiba All-in-One Desktop Computers

All-in-one desktop computers have proven their value as multi-purpose space savers for people with large needs but limited room. Now, Toshiba has introduced two DX735 All-in-One Desktop Computer models with ample 23-inch Full HD displays that double as multi-touch screens.

Central Tuning for a Cable TV-Fed Home Network

Since computers already have high-def displays, networking ability and extensible storage, why not put them to work as the ultimate digital video recorder for distributing cable TV throughout your home? 

Five New LG Projectors

Spanning the world of projector technologies, LG Electronics has introduced several LED-based portables, including one with a TV tuner and a high-end LCoS 3D projector bundled with six pairs of polarized glasses.

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